Gotham Pudding ~1866

  Today's post of Gotham Pudding is in honor of Batman Day. I salute you, Mrs. Corwen, as a kindred Batman spirit from across the ages! Source: Mrs. Corwen's American Lady's Cookery Book, 1866. More Delightful Discoveries Bathing: Cures Insanity, Prevents Cholera ~1856 Cures: Teething, Scurvy, Rattlesnakes, Etc. ~1856 It Is Not Merely a Question... Continue Reading →

Risot a la Piemontaise ~1844

A simple delicious risotto! You'll need five ingredients: Italian rice (arborio) Butter One onion Broth Parmesan I think of something like a Parmesan risotto as a more modern dish. Nope. Not at all. Folks were enjoying risotto 150 years ago! More Fun Discoveries Satisfaction in Repast: Judicious Selection and Perfect Cookery Chocolate and a Mysterious... Continue Reading →

On Oysters and Chicken Salad ~1889

Mrs. Matthews, whose dinners have always been known as the most recherché of that gastronomic circle known as the supreme court, says that the Lynn Havens are the best of the American bivalves... Note: Recherché is exotic, rare, or esoteric. This is a fabulous line. One of the customs of the day was to solicit... Continue Reading →

Wine Sangree ~1866

This is not the familiar sangria recipe that we think of today with fruit, and I'm not sure if the two are related, though it seems likely. The sangree recipes that I've come across all call for port or Madeira with the addition of sugar and spices. Both of these fortified wines would be better... Continue Reading →

Mrs. Madison’s Whim ~1866

This recipe starts off fairly blasé, but then quickly morphs into something entirely whimsical - as the title suggests, with 12 eggs, rose-leaf steeped brandy, 2 pounds of chopped raisins...and it will keep for 3 (?!?!) months! Well then, Mrs. Madison, we've learned something new about your penchant for hearty cakes! Source: Mrs. Crowen's American... Continue Reading →

How to Make Ice Cream ~1866

Just in time for summer, ice cream! Who ever knew making ice cream was so involved? Note the blatant product placement for Austin's Magic Freezer. I do hope Mrs. Crowen got some sort of affiliate fee. Enjoy! More Fun Discoveries To Dry Artichoke Bottoms 1808 Corned-Beef Hash, New-England Style Recipe ~1886 Oranges With Jelly ~1886... Continue Reading →

You Will Slay Them By The Thousand ~1856

Note: This is a fun read - the author doesn't hide her true feelings about ants! Wikipedia has this to say about camphor: Pest deterrent and preservative Camphor is believed to be toxic to insects and is thus sometimes used as a repellent. Camphor is used to make mothballs. Camphor crystals are sometimes used to... Continue Reading →

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