Derby Time! Mint Julep ~1886

Mint Julep Recipe. This Mint Julep recipe post is dedicated to those of you who will be enjoying the Kentucky Derby tomorrow! Cheers! More Fun Discoveries from Antique Cookbooks May Menu ~1884 Spinage ~1825 Bubble and Squeak ~1855 Source: Miss Corson's Practical American Cookery and Household Management, 1886.

Cocoa ~1886

Cocoa Recipe. This cocoa recipe would be a wonderful experiment if you can get your hands on cocoa beans. If anyone can try it out and let us know, please do in the comments below! Ingredients: Cocoa beans, water, milk. More Fun Discoveries How Funny We Feel ~1831 Pumpkin Diet Drink ~1885 Navigating Antique Cookbooks... Continue Reading →

Dish of Snow, Whipt Cream ~1866

"...And heap the snow upon it!" This looks delicious and calls for experimentation forthwith! Summer Snowballs ~1856 I must confess to a weakness for asparagus in mid-winter…~1893 Choice Teas and Family Groceries ~1867 Source: Mrs. Corwen's American Lady's Cookery Book, 1866.

Spiced Gingerbread – From Maine ~1889

Spice Gingerbread - Simple, straightforward gingerbread recipe. Caroline F. Frye certainly didn't waste words! What spices would you use? Source: The Salt Lake Herald, December 25, 1889. More Fun Discoveries Soft Gingerbread ~1866 On Persimmons ~1863 Spinning Sugar ~1886

Fortified Egg-Nog ~1886

Fortified Eggnog Recipe - 'Tis the season...This eggnog recipe is definitely the adult version. Note the summer twist! More Fun Discoveries Hot Apple Toddy A Toast to Fannie Farmer: Documentary Coffee Monday-With Fish Skin ~1856 Source: Miss Corson's Practical American Cookery and Domestic Economy, 1886.

Hot Apple-Toddy ~1886

This hot apple-toddy recipe sounds delicious! A marvelous treat to any holiday party - or cozy winter's evening in front of the fire. Ingredients: Baked apple pulp 2 Fingers of apple-jack 2 Fingers of boiling water 1 Tbsp. sugar Grated nutmeg Cheers! More Fun Discoveries: Elmina’s Home Remedies – WWII Beef Loaf ~1904 Bread Pudding... Continue Reading →

October Menu ~1900

Welcome, October! This month's menu features a variety of delectable options, including: Stewed Dates, Cream of Cauliflower Soup, Baked Rabbits Stuffed with Chestnuts, Tongue Salad, and Rice Cream. Source: Topeka State Journal, October 20, 1900. Discover More.

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