Mrs. Crowen’s Cooking Advice

Entertaining quotes from the 19th Century Mrs. Corwen's cookery book. "One who is not a good judge of fish, had better not trust to their own choice, but deal with those on whose word they can rely."

12 General Principles of Cooking ~1866

  12 General Principles of Cooking ~1866 (Make sure you read #12.) The object of cooking is to make food healthful, and palatable; the secrete (sic) is therefore, how to combine elements and flavors, so as to produce the best results. The best meat requires the simplest preparation. A cardinal principle in cooking is cleanliness;... Continue Reading →

Why all the masquerade I ask?

Why all this masquerade I ask? Are we a parcel of children that we require victuals in the shape of toys? Is it because of the cook's ancient, but silly, privilege to show us they, too, can be painters and sculptors?  No, it is because of our insane desire to dish up everything in some... Continue Reading →

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