Coffee Monday: Java Mills 1864

Java Mills Coffee Wholesale 1864. Happy Monday! A little pick-me-up for your Monday morning. Looks like this place is still around: 52 Vesey Street, New York. If anyone is in downtown, stop by and ask for E.B. Miller! You'll need a saucepan, a fire, a piece of muslin, coffee grounds and water. And as an... Continue Reading →

Coffee Monday: Good Coffee 1880

Good Coffee 1880. Happy Monday! Here's a "Good Coffee" recipe - simple and straight forward. You will have better coffee than is produced by the most complicated and costly patent machine Watch out, Keurig! You'll need a saucepan, a fire, a piece of muslin, coffee grounds and water. And as an added bonus (because it's... Continue Reading →

Coffee Monday: Coffee Custard 1885

Coffee Custard 1885. Happy Monday! How about a coffee custard to wake you up? I'm not sure how this would work. Custards are more of a solid. According to this process, you bake/cook the custard first, then add the cold coffee liquid afterwards. So is the coffee merely a sauce? Hmmm... Too much thinking required... Continue Reading →

Meringued Coffee ~1897

Meringued Coffee Recipe. Lots of early coffee recipes use various parts of eggs for fining and flavoring. Whipped cream isn't uncommon, but this is the first recipe I've come across that calls for a meringue and whipped cream concoction. More Fun Discoveries Pumpkin Soup ~1866 The Victorian Home: Yearly Staff Wages ~1880 History of Aunt... Continue Reading →

Coffee Monday-With Fish Skin ~1856

Note: Isinglass is a kind of gelatin obtained from a fish. What the recipe omits, however, is how one would prepare the fish skin. You also find recipes that use egg whites and egg shells. Home winemakers will recognize both of these ingredients as fining agents to help clarify liquid. Filters won't come on the... Continue Reading →

Prefatory Matter on Coffee ~1856

Introduction to Coffee from the 1850s. Coffee, like tea, should be an infusion, not a decoction. This month I am dedicating each Monday to coffee, the rich, dark brew that invigorates and never inebriates. In reading about coffee in various cookery books, we find that the beans are always purchased fresh. There is a great... Continue Reading →

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