Friday Menu ~1910

Happy Friday. How about some fresh raspberries, with cereal and cream, bacon and coffee for breakfast? Sounds good to me! Here's a link to a Roly-Poly Pudding recipe. More Fun Discoveries from Antique Cookbooks Pigeon Season ~1800 Summer Dining ~1897 Currant Wine ~1929

Needed for a Picnic~1903

Essential Items for your Picnic Success. Ahhh... summer! At last! Check out this fantastic list of items you'll need to guarantee a fabulous time. Top of the list? Several persons with a sense of humor. Love it! Also included:¬† A red tablecloth Little red fringed napkins Lots of sandwiches A cold chicken that's been disjointed... Continue Reading →

White House Christmas Dinner ~1889

Christmas Menu from the Ladies in Washington 1889. The leading ladies of Washington have been called upon to furnish a special dinner for your readers...   I like Vice-President and Mrs. Morton already. Family values shine through! They were using 'xmas' back in 1889. Who knew? More Fun Discoveries from Antique Cookbooks. Maryland Egg-Nogg ~1889... Continue Reading →

Christmas Dinner Menu ~1889

Victorian Era Christmas Dinner Menu. This Christmas Dinner menu will look familiar to today's reader. Is it missing anything? More Fun Discoveries from Antique Cookbooks A Christmas Party ~1866 Turkey Scalloped 1881 Apples Prepared for Nice Pies ~1851 Source: Salt Lake Herald, December 25, 1889.

Thanksgiving Dinner ~1866

My, this Thanksgiving feast from 1866 is almost identical to the traditional  Thanksgiving dinner celebrated by my family growing up! Talk about tradition! Happy Thanksgiving! More Fun Discoveries Mashed Pumpkin ~1885 Baked Apples ~1886 Hot Apple-Toddy ~1886

August Menu ~1808

Welcome, August! This month the cookbook brings you: Scallops, Almond Custard, Onion Soup, Ham Pie, and Fry'd Salmon. Source: Art of Cookery, 1808. More Fun Discoveries Coffee Custard ~1905 To Bottle Fruit (With Hay?) ~1866 How to Make Ice Cream ~1866 July Menu ~1808 Discover More.

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