1870s Kitchen

Image of 1870s-1880s kitchen and cookery.

A Bachelor’s Breakfast

A Bachelor's Breakfast c1894 Love the top hat and ladies peeking in through the door and window! Artist: Ashe, Edmund M. (Edmund Marion), 1867-1941 More Fun Discoveries Remarks on Pie Making ~1866 Kisses from 1866 The Well-trained Mary Jane & No Greenery-Yallery ~1893

The Housewife ~1897

Housewife, 1897 "You said you weren't going to take out the garbage? I encourage you to reconsider..." Lovely pic. More Fun Discoveries Pork Butchery ~1856 You Will Slay Them By The Thousand ~1856 Wesson Cooking Oil ~1900

Salamanders: Not a Recipe ~1886

Salamanders are used to heat up dishes without placing them in an oven. What I can't figure out is how the second salamander works. The angle seems odd. Source: Miss Corson's Practical American Cookery and Household Management, 1886. All of our ailments…proceed from a disordered stomach, 1856 Maccaroni, with Cheese 1881 Medicinal Preparations And Herbs,... Continue Reading →

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