Hot Chocolate Recipe 1905

Today's recipe once again comes from the New England Cook Book, by Marion Harland, Miss M. Parloa, Mrs. D.A. Lincoln, ad Thomas J. Murrey, 1905. This Chocolate recipe includes mention of Bensdorp's Chocolate, which, come to find out, has been around since 1840 - and is still around today! We're doing chocolate today instead of... Continue Reading →

Hot Chocolate (American and French) ~1897

Hot Chocolate Recipes - American and French. Simple American and French Hot Chocolate recipes to warm your cold January day! Ingredients: Chocolate, milk, water, sugar. I might add a little salt. More Fun Discoveries Coffee Custard ~1905 Chocolate Cake – Grey Eyes~1905 Army Slap-Jacks ~1886

Cocoa ~1886

Cocoa Recipe. This cocoa recipe would be a wonderful experiment if you can get your hands on cocoa beans. If anyone can try it out and let us know, please do in the comments below! Ingredients: Cocoa beans, water, milk. More Fun Discoveries How Funny We Feel ~1831 Pumpkin Diet Drink ~1885 Navigating Antique Cookbooks... Continue Reading →

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