Coffee Monday: After Dinner Coffee 1924

Today's recipe comes from the the famous Boston Cooking School Cook Book by Fannie Farmer. My version is from 1924, but it was first published in 1896. I don't think I could drink double-strengthed coffee after dinner. It would be a long, sleepless night. But I do like how the author states that after a... Continue Reading →

Everywoman’s Cook Book Introduction ~1922

National League Cookbook. New day! New cookbook! This little book is only about 50 pages long - publicized as being a Service for Women from the National League of out San Francisco. Introduction and Table of Contents follow. Note the popular reference to Fannie Farmer. Table of Contents Source: Everywoman's Cook Book, 1922. More Fun... Continue Reading →

Butterscotch Sauce

Easy Butterscotch Sauce Recipe for Ice Cream Ever wonder how to make butterscotch sauce? Relatively straight forward using every-day ingredients. Ingredients: Brown sugar Corn syrup Butter Cream Heavy milk (whole milk) With a list like this, no wonder butterscotch is so delicious! Yum! Source: Fannie Farmer Boston School of Cooking, 1924. More Fun Discoveries Jelly... Continue Reading →

Fannie Farmer Beverages

Chapter III Beverages. Lovely chapter introduction in Fannie Farmer's iconic book for Beverages. Her cookbook was published starting 1887. My version is a 1924 edition. This would have been the height of Prohibition, so no wine, beer, or distilled liquors. We see that section VII covers beverages for medicinal purposes, which could be inclusive of... Continue Reading →

Gluten Free Bread Pudding 1924

Bread Pudding Recipe What to do with those bread heels? (especially gluten free ones - which are on the edge of edible, if you know what I mean...) Save them until you have enough for bread pudding! This bread pudding recipe comes from Fannie Farmer's Boston School of Cooking cookbook. I did not pre-scald the... Continue Reading →

A Toast to Fannie Farmer: Documentary

Those of you who have been following Victorian cooking for some time probably already know about Fannie Farmer. At the turn of the last century, Fannie worked as the head of a Boston cooking school. She authored an enormously popular cookbook and helped to standardize recipes and cooking practices. A truly remarkable woman. Back in... Continue Reading →

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