January Menu ~1884

January Dinner Menu from the 1880s. January Menu Welcome January! This bill of fare for 8 people includes rice, salmon, boiled potatoes, beef fillet, cauliflower, turkey with jelly, celery, and plum pudding. A heart meal for the middle of winter. Happy New Year! Source: Franco-American Cookery Book, 1844. More Fun Discoveries from Antique Cookbooks Pork... Continue Reading →

December Menu ~1884

December Menu Late 1800s. Welcome December! This bill of fare for 8 people includes giblet soup, broiled eels and potatoes, veal, turkey liver, and glazed apples. A hearty winter meal. This menu and recipe set comes from the Franco-American Cookery Book (1844). The book is unique because it is organized around menus for each day... Continue Reading →

Currie Powder ~1866

  I always think of curry as a relatively modern cooking flavor in American cuisine. Probably because curry was an uncommon seasoning in my rural American childhood home. That said, curry recipes are found in practically every circa 1800s American cookbook I've come across, which, if you think about it, is only logical. The British... Continue Reading →

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