Whipped Cream ~1897

Happy National Whipped Cream Day! As a kid, did your parents ever give you a pint of  cream and a whisk and say: "Mix this until it becomes whipped cream?" And you're mixing, and mixing, and mixing - and nothing happens. Then you think: Yeah right. They're making all this whipped cream stuff up. Then... Continue Reading →

Delicious (Buried) Butter ~1866

For this recipe you will need: 3 Thick Towels A Trowel 1 Pt. of Thick Cream An open mind Why not try it? Indeed... More Fun Discoveries Cream of Fresh Mushrooms, Soup ~1886 3 Course May Menu 1808 How to Boil Potatoes ~1856 Source: Mrs. Crowen's American Lady's Cookbook, 1866

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