Coffee Monday: Celebrate National Coffee Week ~1920

What if he has discriminating tastes? Happy Monday! Okay, folks. I'm going to take issue with national coffee week, which our cousins across the pond get to enjoy - for an entire week - while we here in the U.S. get a measly national coffee day. Only one day??? Is that any way to pay homage... Continue Reading →

Coffee Monday El Perco ~1911

Happy Monday! How about free coffee and wafers while you're shopping? El Perco - Is this short for The Perco(lator)? Very clever, indeed. More Fun Discoveries from Antique Cookbooks Camping Soup ~1910 Fried Quoits~1910 Lighthouse Kitchen ~1855

Coffee Monday Yuban WWI ~1917

WWI Yuban Coffee Advertisement. To all who celebrate Armistice Day or Veterans Day. "There is no shortage of coffee. You may drink as much as you are accustomed to - You will not deprive the soldiers or the women and children abroad of their share." Great find! Happy Monday! More Fun Discoveries American Domestic Cookery... Continue Reading →

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