Classic Artichokes ~1819

Artichoke Recipe c. 1819. Boil and serve with melted butter. Hasn't changed in 200 years! #Victorian #Artichoke #19thcentury

To Dry Artichoke Bottoms 1808

Artichokes are timeless. Their savory flavor always a delicacy on their own, in sauces, or dips. The problem is, however, that their season is so short. Living in Coastal California, you can stop at the roadside stands and pick up bags of little artichokes for a screaming deal - 10/$1, and even the medium sized... Continue Reading →

Eating an Artichoke ~1886

Artichokes have a special place in our family. Until a few years ago, we lived outside of Castroville, CA, the self-proclaimed artichoke capital of the world. Every year, they sponsored the artichoke festival, in which they showcased artichoke art, artichoke recipes, a parade, and tours of the artichoke fields. And lots of tacos and mariachi... Continue Reading →

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