Tool Tuesday: Egg Stand 1861

Every breakfast table needs an egg stand. Check out this sketch from 1860 with a modern-day picture of a Victorian egg stand. Lovely! Hint: You can move the pictures back/forth by clicking on them.

Tomato Butter ~ 1876 (aka Ketchup)

Easy ketchup recipe - nope, sorry "tomato butter" recipe. 3 ingredients or less! Ingredients: 10 Lbs. tomatoes 4 Lbs. brown sugar 1 qt. vinegar More Fun Discoveries Fried Tomatoes ~ 1866 Cures: Teething, Scurvy, Rattlesnakes, Etc. ~1856 Zucchini! I Found You! ~1880

Potato Omelet ~ 1900

This potato omelet recipe looks similar to tortilla espanola. This comes from a Creole cook book - bilingual no less! Ooh la la! More Fun Discoveries Table Covers ~1886 The Flabby Entrée ~1893 Coffee Custard ~1905

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