Happy Thanksgiving ~1919

May your day be filled with excellent food, agreeable company, and warm memories! Cheers! More Fun Discoveries from Antique Cookbooks Thanksgiving ~1895 Thanksgiving Pie “The Crown of the Feast”~1866 Inseparable from the Charm of the Turkey Is the Dressing Thereof ~1905

Coffee Monday: Maxwell House 1919

Happy Monday! The hat says 'Father Knickerbocker' which was the name of one of Washington Irving's friends around 1800 who was a character in Irving's first book. The name also became eponymous for knickerbockers as a piece of clothing that the character wore - not to the hat, as one might imagine in this image, but rather to... Continue Reading →

Coffee Monday: Washington’s Coffee

  Washington's Coffee, 1919. Happy Monday! Feeling like you're preparing for battle headed into work? That's why we have Washington's coffee! This advertisement hails from the tail end of WWI and certainly would have resonated with all of the troops returning home. More Fun Discoveries from Antique Cookbooks Coffee Monday: Good Coffee 1880 A Little... Continue Reading →


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