Wednesday Wisdom: The Art of Cooking

The great aim of all cooking is to retain all the valuable elements of the food, and to put them into such forms as shall awake desire, stimulate digestion, and secure to the eater, in the readiest and most pleasing way, all the nutriment these viands afford.

Coffee Monday: Frothed Cafe au Lait

Today's recipe comes from the New England Cook Book, by Marion Harland, Miss M. Parloa, Mrs. D.A. Lincoln, ad Thomas J. Murrey, 1905. This Frothed Cafe au Lait recipe uses whipped egg whites and powdered sugar. It seems almost decadent compared to our modern steemed milk today! Delicious.

Coffee Monday: Malt Coffee 1905

Kneipp Malt Coffee Advertisement 1905. Happy Monday! This one is just cruel. Like those practical jokesters that substitute decaf for regular in the break room coffee pot. LOVE the reward of $1000 to anyone who can detect adulteration - from what, exactly? It's already not real coffee... But, it does flush and keep the organs... Continue Reading →

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