August’s Cottage Garden ~1848

ANYTHING omitted last month, do early this month. Set bean poles, and plant the beans around them; plant bush beans, cucumbers, musk melons, water melons, squashes, nasturtiums, early and late potatoes, strawberries, evergreens, shrubs, roses; sow half hardy annuals in the flower beds...

Senate Beer ~1943

Happy Friday! No steak? No beefing if you've got Senate beer! Fun WWII advertisement that mentions rationing. The Christian Heurich Brewing Company, of Senate Beer fame, was founded in the 1870s and operated out of Foggy Bottom in Washington, D.C. It quickly became the largest brewer in D.C. Operations expanded under the founder, Christian Heurich, who... Continue Reading →

The Bouquet Garni

Parsley, Parsley Everywhere... On my daily bill of fare. See that kippered herring staring At that silly sprig he's wearing? ~Margaret Fishback, 1943 Do you have an herb garden? Maybe a windowsill or even a patio ledge sporting a pot of fragrant goodness? With August here, time to clip, snip, and save! The local farmers... Continue Reading →

American Breakfast ~1895

Celebrating All American Breakfast Month. Picture this: Buckwheat cakes, piled one on the other till a miniature Eiffel Tower is formed, with plenty of butter between each layer, and maple syrup poured over the whole! Source: The Thorough Good Cook, 1895. More Fun Discoveries from Antique Cookbooks Deviled Eggs ~1897 12 Sandwich Recipes ~1897 Rice... Continue Reading →

August Dinner Menus

What Shall We Have For Dinner? Welcome August! Today's excerpt comes from a handy book entitled The Calendar of Dinners 365 Answers to the Daily Question: What shall we have for dinner? Selected and Arranged By Elizabeth O. Hiller Unsure of publication date. The book is maybe late 1920s or 1940s. Anyways, on to the... Continue Reading →

Lunch with a Punch 1943

Treasures All Around. Alllll righty folks, I've picked up a compendium of Sunset Magazines, circa 1943. The local library (of which I'm an avid patron) just started a long-overdue major renovation. They're at the cleaning out the basement stage - quite literally.  Out went a bunch of stuff from the catalog that had been collecting... Continue Reading →

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