Daily Menu February 4, 1912

Anchovy Fritters Lamb's Tongues, Tremont Style (?) and Anchovy Fritters. The fritters are probably pretty strong in flavor - would likely be good with a tannic red wine. Have a great day! Source: A Calendar of Dinners with 615 Recipes, by Marion Harris, 1912.

Daily Menu January 28, 1912

Croutes, a la Marie Another inspired daily menu from our friendly Crisco Cookbook. Again, we have cooked vegetables in the form of baked cucumbers - not so sure about this one, but will hold out on passing judgement until I've heard from my wise and worldly readers. Overall, this menu seems more suitable for a... Continue Reading →

Daily Menu January 21

Cream of Lettuce Soup Another inspired daily menu from our friendly Crisco Cookbook. I'm not so sure about lettuce soup - I think it may be rather wilty. Cabbage? Okay. Lettuce? Meh, I'm not sold. Anyone make lettuce soup out there in the interwebs? Have a great day! Source: A Calendar of Dinners with 615... Continue Reading →

Giblet Soup ~1855

Turkey Leftovers. Ho! To soup season! Here's a beauty from Alexis Soyer's inimitable cookbook, Shilling Cookery for the People. I actually still have my turkey giblet, frozen for gravies, but this seems like a curious alternative. Love throwing in some dry white wine for soups to give it a little something special. Pleased to discover... Continue Reading →

Julienne Soup ~1893

Soup Recipes.   A certain chill is in the air. The mornings are nippy. The days still harbor a lingering warmth, but not for much longer. Time for soup! Soothing, comforting soup! The one dish that fills the the nooks and crannies, spreading a cozy assuredness that all will be right in the world. Soup... Continue Reading →

Herbs for Soups ~1917

The Season for Herbs "For herbs and such things for soups and tartar sauce I get parsley, mint, sage and summer savory in their season from large meat markets in the city..." This brief advice column outlines how to find herbs and spices, how to preserve them once acquired, and then how to use them... Continue Reading →

Tomato Chowder ~1922

Quick and Savory Tomato Soup. Gluten Free Recipe from the 1920s. This tomato chowder recipe calls for fat, which makes for a savory soup worthy of the coldest February day. I threw all of the ingredients into the slow cooker and put it on high for 4 hours. Turned out great. Servings: 6 Prep Time:... Continue Reading →

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