Wednesday Wisdom Cakes and Cake Baking 1905

Best Materials Requisite for Cake Making. In cake-making it is absolutely essential that the best materials be employed. Stale eggs, strong butter, must flour, or common sugar are not so much as to be thought of in this connection. The idea that such refuse “will do for cooking” is most unworthy. When a luxury, such... Continue Reading →

Hot Chocolate Recipe 1905

Today's recipe once again comes from the New England Cook Book, by Marion Harland, Miss M. Parloa, Mrs. D.A. Lincoln, ad Thomas J. Murrey, 1905. This Chocolate recipe includes mention of Bensdorp's Chocolate, which, come to find out, has been around since 1840 - and is still around today! We're doing chocolate today instead of... Continue Reading →

Potato Pie 1905

I'm posting the recipe with the good intentions of actually trying it out before it goes live, but with the wisdom of knowing that I probably won't get to it, but that I'd like to try it at some point. This potato pie recipe has every indication of being a hearty dish: meat and potatoes.... Continue Reading →

Daily Menu January 21

Cream of Lettuce Soup Another inspired daily menu from our friendly Crisco Cookbook. I'm not so sure about lettuce soup - I think it may be rather wilty. Cabbage? Okay. Lettuce? Meh, I'm not sold. Anyone make lettuce soup out there in the interwebs? Have a great day! Source: A Calendar of Dinners with 615... Continue Reading →

Mint Cup~1906

This is an easy recipe that would be fun to try. Something like a sweet, sour, minty slushie. Not bad for 1906. I could see this going down well at the school fair. Note: 1 pound of sugar is equal to 2 cups. Discover

January 15 Menu Candied Sweet Potatoes

This is a simple menu that has a diversity of flavors and textures. I don't often think of serving sweet potatoes outside of Thanksgiving, but today I'm inspired. The kids love them. They're easy. They fill the belly on these cool winter days. More to come, folks!

Eggs 1916

Eggs! Here's a fun introductory excerpt on all things eggs for your reading pleasure. Also including a recipe for baked omelet, which is new way to cook omelets. Note that this comes from the Crisco cookbook (more on that in a later post). Crisco! They snuck it in there as the first, all-important ingredient. There... Continue Reading →

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