November Menu ~1792

Welcome November! This is actually the second November menu today. Why another menu? Because the first was from the 20th century and this one is from the 18th century - and that's just cool. Let's interpret the options. Chine of Pork. Fantastic spelling. Beef Collops is beef stew. Actually Scottish beef stew. But we'd recognize…

Victorian Picnic Menu ~1880

Happy Labor Day to all those celebrating the end of summer in the US! A fine day for picnics, no? Here's a must-bring list from 1880. How does your shopping list compare? A joint of cold roast beef, a joint of cold boiled beef, 2 ribs of lamb, 2 shoulders of lamb, 4 roast fowls,…

August Menu ~1808

Welcome, August! This month the cookbook brings you: Scallops, Almond Custard, Onion Soup, Ham Pie, and Fry'd Salmon. Source: Art of Cookery, 1808. More Fun Discoveries Coffee Custard ~1905 To Bottle Fruit (With Hay?) ~1866 How to Make Ice Cream ~1866 July Menu ~1808 Discover More.

April Menu ~1808

Welcome April! This month's menu features only 2 courses, with such dishes as: Tongue Boild Etc. Ducklings Roast Currie Stew'd Cellery Prawnes My, what a feast! Source: Art of Cookery, John Mollard, 1808. Other Fun Discoveries: January Menu ~1922 February Menu ~1922 March Menu ~1808