February Menu 1808

Welcome February! This month tuck in to Lobster Salad, Sweetbread Roast, Rice Soup, Fillet Midton Roasted with Celleri (assume this is mingon), Broiled Chicken, and Petite Patties... More Fun Discoveries December Menu ~1844 September Menu ~1808 Beef Loaf ~1904 Source: Art of Cookery, John Mollard. 1808.

December Menu ~1844

December Menu - Welcome December! This bill of fare for 8 people includes giblet soup, broiled eels and potatoes, veal, turkey liver, and glazed apples. A hearty winter meal. This menu and recipe set comes from the Franco-American Cookery Book (1844). The book is unique because it is organized around menus for each day of…

November Menu ~1792

Welcome November! This is actually the second November menu today. Why another menu? Because the first was from the 20th century and this one is from the 18th century - and that's just cool. Let's interpret the options. Chine of Pork. Fantastic spelling. Beef Collops is beef stew. Actually Scottish beef stew. But we'd recognize…

Victorian Picnic Menu ~1880

Happy Labor Day to all those celebrating the end of summer in the US! A fine day for picnics, no? Here's a must-bring list from 1880. How does your shopping list compare? A joint of cold roast beef, a joint of cold boiled beef, 2 ribs of lamb, 2 shoulders of lamb, 4 roast fowls,…

August Menu ~1808

Welcome, August! This month the cookbook brings you: Scallops, Almond Custard, Onion Soup, Ham Pie, and Fry'd Salmon. Source: Art of Cookery, 1808. More Fun Discoveries Coffee Custard ~1905 To Bottle Fruit (With Hay?) ~1866 How to Make Ice Cream ~1866 July Menu ~1808 Discover More.

April Menu ~1808

Welcome April! This month's menu features only 2 courses, with such dishes as: Tongue Boild Etc. Ducklings Roast Currie Stew'd Cellery Prawnes My, what a feast! Source: Art of Cookery, John Mollard, 1808. Other Fun Discoveries: January Menu ~1922 February Menu ~1922 March Menu ~1808