January 15 Menu Candied Sweet Potatoes

This is a simple menu that has a diversity of flavors and textures. I don't often think of serving sweet potatoes outside of Thanksgiving, but today I'm inspired. The kids love them. They're easy. They fill the belly on these cool winter days. More to come, folks!

January Weekly Menu 1860s

Bills of Fare for January: Plain Family Dinners The astounding variety in each of these dinner menus makes the reader wonder what a fancy dinner would look like! Of note, our family enjoys apple sauce. We should eat it as a side dish. Check out the cabinet pudding recipe, similar to the one included in... Continue Reading →

December Menu ~1920s

Welcome December! Time to dust off those traditional family recipes, dig out the nutmeg jar, and tie on that apron with firm conviction. December is here... Here are a few inspirational dinner menus from my undated recipe book:  The Calendar of Dinners, 365 Answers to the Daily Question: What shall we have for dinner? These... Continue Reading →

Frosty Apple Juice

WWII Summertime Menu More Fun Discoveries from Antique Cookbooks Pineapple Beer ~1875 3 Simple Luncheon Menus ~1922 Apple Custard ~1881

American Breakfast ~1895

Celebrating All American Breakfast Month. Picture this: Buckwheat cakes, piled one on the other till a miniature Eiffel Tower is formed, with plenty of butter between each layer, and maple syrup poured over the whole! Source: The Thorough Good Cook, 1895. More Fun Discoveries from Antique Cookbooks Deviled Eggs ~1897 12 Sandwich Recipes ~1897 Rice... Continue Reading →

August Dinner Menus

What Shall We Have For Dinner? Welcome August! Today's excerpt comes from a handy book entitled The Calendar of Dinners 365 Answers to the Daily Question: What shall we have for dinner? Selected and Arranged By Elizabeth O. Hiller Unsure of publication date. The book is maybe late 1920s or 1940s. Anyways, on to the... Continue Reading →

Lunch with a Punch 1943

Treasures All Around. Alllll righty folks, I've picked up a compendium of Sunset Magazines, circa 1943. The local library (of which I'm an avid patron) just started a long-overdue major renovation. They're at the cleaning out the basement stage - quite literally.  Out went a bunch of stuff from the catalog that had been collecting... Continue Reading →

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