Small Kitchen Stove Advertisement ~1855

Apparatus for Heating, Cooking, and Ventilating by Gas. Description. The more economical cousin of the deluxe gas stove shown here, this must-have kitchen apparatus will roast meat, bake a pie, and heat your soup all at once! Love it! Unsure as to how the ironing would happen here... but still, amazing little gas stove! Source:... Continue Reading →

Victorian Gas Stove Advertisement ~1855

Apparatus for Heating, Cooking, and Ventilating by Gas. Description. Check out this baby! Decorative and functional! For those who need an endorsement, how about Her Majesty's Royal Letters Patent? An apparatus worthy the attention of Men of Science, and the Culinary Art... Extra Credit for incorporating the word PERNICIOUS in an advertisement! Source: Soyer's Shilling... Continue Reading →

Coffee Monday: Yuban 1919

Yuban Advertisement. Happy Monday! ...The clever hostess has learned that Yuban fulfills this test as no other coffee does. How much satisfaction it gives you when your guest lifts the fragrant, steaming cup, sips the rich liquid, to see the smile of approval that flits across his face. For the very distinguished guest is especially... Continue Reading →

Coffee Monday: Yuban 1914

Yuban Advertisement. Your guests will be quick to appreciate the qualities that make Yuban the choice of the greatest coffee merchants. Happy Monday!   More Fun Discoveries from Antique Cookbooks Black Bean Soup 1924 Mashed Pumpkin ~1885 September Menu ~1808  

Maypole Tea

Compliments of my mum, touring England at the moment.  Prints are from Blists Victorian Town, part of the Ironbridge Gorge area. The area played a very big role in the Industrial Revolution. The tile mural is from nearby Jackfield Tile Museum. Enjoy!     More Fun Discoveries from Antique Cookbooks Raw Food Diet ~1900 Domestic... Continue Reading →

Coffee Monday: Yuban 1916

Yuban Coffee Advertisement. Happy Monday! Where to start with this one? Enjoy! More Fun Discoveries L’Eau de la Vie Recipe 1837 Coffee Monday: Washington’s Coffee British Wine Maker and Domestic Brewer Review ~1835  

Coffee Monday: Yuban 1921

Yuban Advertisements. Happy Monday! And then... Pancakes and coffee - such coffee. It was hard to tell which warmed the heart more, the coffee or the Southern hospitality. It took several butlers and many covered dishes to serve breakfast at Aunt Letty's on Drive, but her coffee was her pride - its preparation was a... Continue Reading →

Wine Shipping Prices ~1912

Price of Wine in 1912 Cheers to wine clubs! For those who enjoy the occasional tipple but live far away from the wine , country, wine clubs offer access. Shipping wine from distributer to consumer has been around for hundreds of years. Here's a curious find. Wine distributor prices from 1912 from Clarke's wine:  Look closely.... Continue Reading →

Heinz 57 Varieties

Heinze 57 Advertisement. Everyone has heard of Heinz 57, but did you realize that there were originally 57 different varieties of Heinz? For some reason I thought the 57 referred to 1957. Stumbled across this fun advertisement from a 1904 newspaper. Check these out: Catsup (obvious) Enriched Figs India Relish Select Queen Olives Cherry Preserves... Continue Reading →

President McKinley in Monterey ~1901

Happy Presidents' Day. A small detour from the normal food-themed posts for Convivial Supper. I found a newspaper cutting from 1901 celebrating President McKinley's visit to my small town back in 1901. What fabulous hats! To those in the States, happy Presidents' Day! (For the rest of my wonderful readers, I shall raise a second... Continue Reading →

Wesson Cooking Oil ~1900

It is perfectly digestible, which lard is not. It is cleanly and free from disease-taint to which swine, from which lard is made, are liable. Dyspeptics can with impunity enjoy food made with it. It goes twice as far as lard or butter and is therefore cheaper. Wesson's Salad Oil is far greater value than... Continue Reading →

History of Aunt Jemima ~1919

This is a fascinating advertisement. A full page story within a story. The margins have small excerpts with their own narrative (Note the sack of 'Gold' on the table): The main story is two full columns: Interestingly, if the storyline is correct, all of this would have started around 1859. It references the Civil War,... Continue Reading →

This is a fun find! We have Pillbury's Best, Gold Medal, and Red Star - all lasting through the ages. Alas, no Hamilton's Fancy, Plant's Extra, Patapsco (great word), or King of All. More Fun Discoveries Illustration: Pastry ~1886 Cannelons With Cream ~1886 Corn Bread Recipe ~1905  

Calumet Baking Powder ~1917

Source: Winston Graphic, January 18, 1917. Talk about light, fluffy, tempting, and wholesome Jelly Rolls, Cakes, Biscuits, and other good things! My! But Calumet baking powder certainly beats the band for sure results - for purity, economy, and wholesome bakings. Tell your mother to try the Calumet Baking Powder on the money-back guarantee. Received high... Continue Reading →

Choice Teas and Family Groceries ~1867

Their line of teas embrace all qualities known to housekeepers, and being imported direct are warranted to be "pure and unadulterated." (This sounds like Messrs. W.S. Corwin & Co. would qualify for an organic, non-GMO label!) There are few beverages more grateful than a good cup of tea... Ah, so true on a cold winter's... Continue Reading →

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