Welcome to Convivial Supper! My name is Erin O’Reilly, lay antique cookbook hobbyist. This blog is dedicated to the interesting excerpts I encounter related to American home cookery. In my other life, I am a university administrator, mother, Army veteran, amateur wine maker, and overall decent human being.


Due to copyright laws, the blog’s focus is work in the public domain, pre-1922. The blog includes excerpts from my private collection as well as books and newspapers from the Library of Congress. If you find that there is a citation from a book with a renewed copyright, please Contact Me.

Lest I Offend…

To My Esteemed Readers:

The contents of this blog are pulled from a range of historical documents and are loosely curated based on their novelty to today’s reader. The excerpts may cause unintended offense due to their implied values. Indeed, some perspective may be needed when perusing Convivial Supper. These authors penned their works during interesting times – the Industrial Revolution, the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, WWI, Prohibition, Suffrage – and, as such, posts should be viewed from the appropriate lens. A quick historical post-script may be added when appropriate. That said, trolling is not convivial.

Privacy Policy

Convivial Supper doesn’t collect personal information about our visitors except for standard traffic logs automatically generated by our web server and Google Analytics. If you choose to leave a comment or sign-up for our email list, I will then have your email address. However, I won’t sell or voluntarily disclose your email address or personal information to anyone else. That would also not be convivial.


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