One Dish Breakfast

I’ve pulled out some recipes from my grandmothers old cookbook binder. It’s filled with newspaper clippings, jotted notes, sauce splatters and love.

Here’s a fun one that I can see being popular of hungry household. Date unknown.

I would personally replace the biscuit dough with mashed potatoes in each cup to keep things gluten free – and will recommend greasting the tin to help with washing.

4 thoughts on “One Dish Breakfast

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  1. I still have newspaper cut outs of recipes my husband’s grandmother sent to me. She was wonderful always adding them in as I located some recently. How happy it made my heart!

    With left over oatmeal I make into custard. It never last long…. 🙂

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    1. Awwwee, that’s a good memory. She was fond of you.

      Leftover oatmeal custard sounds like a winner! It almost makes me want to make MORE oatmeal, just so I could use the leftovers.

      I use my bread crusts for a bread pudding custard – that’s always a hearty breakfast meal.


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