Tuesday Tips Weekly Cleaning

Weekly Cleaning Routines.

These take more time because a thorough job has to be done. But here, as in other cases, the order in which the steps are taken is very important.

  1. Weekly cleaning of upstairs and downstairs:

Remove bric-a-brac, silver, books, wastebaskets
Dust walls, moldings, light fixtures
Wipe woodwork
Shake or brush curtains
Wipe shades, Venetian blinds, window sills
Use vacuum cleaner
Use dust mop
Dust, polish furniture, wipe off woodwork, doorknobs
Dust books and replace
Clean mirrors, pictures, glass surfaces
Polish silver pieces and replace
Empty wastebasket and replace
Clean bric-a-brac and replace

2. Weekly care of bathrooms:

Dust walls, moldings, etc.
Wipe out and straighten medicine chest
Clean tub, wash basin, and shower
Clean toilet
Wash floor
Shake rugs and replace
Put in fresh towels, mat
Check soap, toilet paper

3. Weekly care of kitchen:

Defrost refrigerator, and clean it well with soda
Clean stove thoroughly
Straighten Shelves, check supplies
Wipe off woodwork and tile
Mop floor

In addition to standardizing the step-by-step procedure when cleaning and caring for each room in the house, you must know the best way to do each step. Although it is impossible to give you and ideal or set method for each job, there are certain standard practices in the care of textiles, furniture, metals, and other household effects, which should be followed. It is up to the individual to find out about and experiment with the new products and equipment which are constantly being introduced to do these general house care jobs more efficiently.

Source: Sunset’s Household Handbook 1941

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