Nutritional Essentials 1941

Dietary sciences would have taken off during WWI. The average daily household nutritional intake below is quite different than what’s recommended today, but surprisingly modest by any account.

Excellent guidelines: Sweets – enough to make meals palatable. They only have 2 servings of breads and cereals, which is remarkably balanced.

What stands out to you?

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3 thoughts on “Nutritional Essentials 1941

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  1. I really love the illustration! So true. I remember when my daughter was first setting up her apartment and I stopped by with a care package. I started talking about buying organic, and she stopped me and said “Mom, when I make more money, I’ll buy organic!” I then signed her up for a CSA at a local farm and introduced her to the local food co-op.

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      1. It is! We get bombarded with so much information, and when you are on a new budget it can be hard to figure out the priorities! Since you how to cook, you are already a step ahead! So many young people are only familiar with the microwave and pre-packaged foods!

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