Eggs 1916

Eggs! Here’s a fun introductory excerpt on all things eggs for your reading pleasure. Also including a recipe for baked omelet, which is new way to cook omelets. Note that this comes from the Crisco cookbook (more on that in a later post).

Crisco! They snuck it in there as the first, all-important ingredient. There it is, folks – homage to the publishing backers. The recipe is similar to a fritata in cooking style, which is essentially an omelet by another name.

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  1. Wow, suddenly I am back to making my first omelet, having never cooked eggs in any manner before. I think it was out of the Better Homes & Gardens red checked cookbook. Separated eggs, beaten whites, folded together. It came out OK, but I had never even seen an omelet like that before, let alone eaten one. All to impress a high school boyfriend…I was so surprised to see it on a plate, edible!

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