Sick of Cooking?

This one is begging for commentary. c. 1916.

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7 thoughts on “Sick of Cooking?

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  1. Toasted bagels with cream cheese and fruit, crescents with jelly, cold cereal are good no cook options. For meals, there is this thing call a crock-pot. Anyone heard of it? 😉

    Of course there is always a take out option, which *takes out* of your pocket book.

    Pizza Hut is the worst as they no longer have the cheese packs, but you have to purchase them. (no thanks, I have a huge cheese shaker at home) Also, they no longer put sauce on the pizza, but to the side in a cup which makes you feel as though you can only sample it or the cup might be from your local doctor’s office.

    OK, eww on that one!

    Happy New Year my recipe friend!

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    1. We’ve been doing a lot of cereal lately – but you see these menus that are just crazy full of different dishes – grapefruit, toast, hot cereal, sausage, and pancakes. Maybe if you’re a lumberjack or some other profession where you’re burning 5,000 calories a day, but they are always in business suits, so I doubt it…

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  2. What’s funny is that his line of sight seems to be focused, not on the food, but the decorations on the table. Like he’s wondering what those figurines are supposed to be… or if the flowers might be more edible… 😀

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