Bartering for the Christmas Turkey

Planning for Christmas.

Found this little gem. Official title is “A backwoods Santa Claus exchanging Christmas things for turkeys” by Peter Newel, c. 1894, published in Haper’s Magazine.

Yesterday was the first day I braved the crowds to do a little holiday shopping. I’m intrigued by the idea of bartering for special gifts, though I’m a little low on turkeys.

Does anyone barter for gifts?

Hope you all are enjoying the start to the holiday season!

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9 thoughts on “Bartering for the Christmas Turkey

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  1. Question: Does any barter for gifts?

    Answer: Actually, yes but not gifts.

    It is done to get a better deal on a clearance item wanted or just asking in general. Besides, asking is always free.

    Did actually get a few discounts. Not exactly what I wanted, but a discount was given because I simply asked. (Even a few months back received a discount on Ebay driving a poor man crazy with my nickle and dime-ing him after shopping around) Everyone should give it a try as I highly recommend it. The worst they tell you is no.

    That would be a fun read to place here how others received a discount, gift or not!

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