Strawberry Season

“Wife, into the garden, and set me a plot
With strawberry roots, the best to be got;
Such growing abroad, among thorns in the wood,
Well chosen and picked, prove excellent food.”

~Old Tusser, Five Hundred Points of Good Husbandry

Storing Strawberries.

Strawberry season is nearing its merry end. And while technically we do get berries year-around, they disappear from the farmers market, where they can be procured by the half flat for a mere $8 during summer’s peak.

Alas, I have procrastinated on my strawberry purchases until late this year. Today they are $12 a half flat – still a bargain by any measure. I’ve frozen one flat, and hope to do a few more before the end of the month. Why all the berries? Excellent question!

What is more lovely than the smell of a kitchen infused with strawberries?

Actually, there is a plan. Or several plans…

Bowls of Strawberries


Uses for Strawberries.

Each of the above have turned out delicious, and worthy of doubling quantities this year. The best part is that the recipes don’t require perfect berries, a not insignificant technicality when we’re talking about getting large quantities of berries de-stemmed and frozen on a weeknight.

As we traipse into fall, what summer bounty will you preserve – and how?

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