County Fair

Food and Fun.

Great time had by all. Tried to enter the home winemaking competition this year, but the category was mysteriously missing. The neighboring county has the amature winemaker’s competition in their fair, but I missed the deadline. Already planning for next year.

Hope you all get out to enjoy your local fairs!

Here are some of my favorite pics.

Quilt Competition.

Fair Quilts

Home Canning.

Vinegar Olive Oil
Infused Vinegar and Olive Oil. I’m inspired!



Bee Demonstration.

Bee Demonstration.jpg
Bee Demonstration.

Produce Competition.

Lettuce Display

The produce displays were phenomenal! No real surprises here since that’s what we do best. I didn’t expect to see the big produce companies enter boxes into the fair. They were beautiful.


Dried Corn.jpg

Flower Competition.

These flowers were grown by a local agribusiness high school program. The teens manning the booth were rightfully proud!

Red Flowers


Have a great weekend, ya’ll!

Shaved Sheep.jpg

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