Brussels ~1930

Stocks of Sprouts.

Did you know that brussels sprouts were first cultivated in Ancient Rome? Well, probably. The first written reference to brussels appears in 1587, where they were popular in the cooler climes of Northern Europe.

Admittedly, not everyone is a fan of brussels. 

Our family loves all things cabbagey, though, so we’re showcasing sprouts! (Haters can disregard the following post. I’ll not be offended.)

We were delighted to find brussels at the local produce stand conveniently located on the way home from visiting family over the weekend – quickly snapping up a stock for $3.00. Something of a novelty even around here, these stocks are club-like, and quite heavy!

Brussels sprout stocks can be roasted whole in the oven at 375 F, for 45 minutes, drizzled in oil and salt.

I typically remove the sprouts from the stock and microwave, then dredge them in mayonnaise.

Sacrilege, I know. 

But, even so, a serving style in line with our recipes from the past. I had trouble locating brussels sprouts in my older cookbooks (late 1800s), probably because most are for the homesteader and East Coast city cook.

Here are two recipes I found from 1930, one calls for serving with a white sauce, and the other oven roasted with chestnuts. Yum!

How do you enjoy your sprouts? 

Brussels Sprouts 1930

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