Summer Picnics ~1940s

Ho! To the Archives!

Had a unique opportunity to tour the archives for the Command History Office at the Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center. Admittedly, this is my first trip to an ‘archives’ other than the National Archives, where you get to stand in line to chance a peek at the Constitution.

While less grande by every real and imaginary measure, the local archives offered a unique glimpse of our local regional history and how that history has been influenced by global events over more than a century.

I also got a personalized demonstration on how to do digital searches. And while it’s not a one-for-one substitute for visiting in-person, the digital searches are certainly entertaining.

Here are some fun finds for summer picnics circa the 1940s.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Hope your dawg days of summer are thoroughly enjoyable!

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6 thoughts on “Summer Picnics ~1940s

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      1. MGTOW of the picnic lunch?

        (Love those shots part eaten as I equate it to the waitstaff stopping by your table and asking how the food is as soon as you have a mouthful of food!)

        I think it is a conspiracy!


  1. I remember my mother transporting containers wrapped in dishtowels with knotted ends on top, just as in one of the photos. No plastic containers back then!

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