Herbs for Soups ~1917

The Season for Herbs

“For herbs and such things for soups and tartar sauce I get parsley, mint, sage and summer savory in their season from large meat markets in the city…”

This brief advice column outlines how to find herbs and spices, how to preserve them once acquired, and then how to use them in your cooking.

A recent heatwave here makes thinking about savory soups unappetizing, but now’s the time to preserve your garden herbs.

Do any of you dry herbs? If so, what are your favorites?

Herbs for Soups 1917

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7 thoughts on “Herbs for Soups ~1917

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    1. Two of my favorites! Alas, my mint transplant from a friend at work (who took it out of her yard as a weed) has failed to thrive… It’s still alive, but mostly just a twig. Unbelievable! Mint?!? Great for mint peas and carrots – and tea! Thanks for stopping by~

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  1. I wonder if there is a warm or a cool soup for the hot summer as I do try to fix more cooler meals in August!

    Some of the herbs are some of the same ones I use to make over fried potatoes!
    UGH. They never last long, but they are sOOOOOO gOOOOD!

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    1. Have you ever had gazpacho? The cold tomato soup from Spanish cuisine? People either like it, or they don’t. I’ve had it, but never made it! I’m assuming the fried potatoes never last long – not the herbs! To fried starches!

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