August’s Cottage Garden ~1848

Saturday makes a welcome appearance once again, and those who aspire to cultivate their gardens are in for a busy month. Today’s excerpt is your to-do list for August.


RIPE apples, peas, peaches, plums, melons, etc., are in abundance, also fragrant flowers, and wholesome vegetables without measure.

Do all that was omitted last month; plant late beans, cucumbers, etc., for pickling and fall use; transplant such plants that are fit, and water all that need it; sow rutabaga and yellow aberdeen turnips early, and red tops late; gather seeds as they become ripe, thresh out, clean, label, and paper them up; earth up celery and endive on dry days; late cabbage and celery may yet be planted; sow Spanish radish, destroy insects everywhere, cut off all dead flowers, remove matured crops, and sow or plant the ground at once, give pot plants plenty of water; cut in pituneas, verbenias, etc., that may have overgrown the edges of the walks, or are overtopping other plants; renew the ashes or lime around peach, plum or apricot trees, to keep off the cut worm, and examine if there be none in the trees; if so, kill them; all kinds of pot plants should be shifted and get fresh soil at the end of this month; don’t let a weed nor an insect live a day!

Source: The Cottage Garden of America, Walter Elder, 1848.

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