The Bouquet Garni

Parsley, Parsley Everywhere…

On my daily bill of fare.
See that kippered herring staring
At that silly sprig he’s wearing?
~Margaret Fishback, 1943

Do you have an herb garden? Maybe a windowsill or even a patio ledge sporting a pot of fragrant goodness?

With August here, time to clip, snip, and save!

The local farmers market showcases herbs in all their glory this time of year. Each week, we pick up a $1 bunch of parsley intended for cooking. Confession time – the rabbit gets most of this audacious bunch of fresh greens.

Parsley has a long history as an edible and medicinal herb. Only in the past century did it assume its role as a decorative garnish.

Keeping Fresh Parsley.

There are various tricks and methods to saving fresh parsley. Some recommend wrapping the leaves gently in a damp paper towel and storing them in a resealable bag. These should keep 3-5 days.

I trim off  1/8 inch from the stems and tuck the bunch in an empty jelly jar on the counter, much like fresh flowers. The merry bouquet lasts 7 days.

Drying Parsley.

For those who lack a domestic lagomorph to help consume robust bunches of parsley, there’s always the option to dry the herb for winter use. Here’s an excerpt on drying parsley from 1921:

How to dry parsley 1921

Any other tricks out there? Do share!

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