Lunch with a Punch 1943

Treasures All Around.

Alllll righty folks, I’ve picked up a compendium of Sunset Magazines, circa 1943. The local library (of which I’m an avid patron) just started a long-overdue major renovation. They’re at the cleaning out the basement stage – quite literally.  Out went a bunch of stuff from the catalog that had been collecting dust in the basement for almost 100 years!

The particular Sunset book of interest was found in the library dumpster by the volunteers at the animal rescue resale shop located across the street from the library (I’m a big supporter of animals, too – and thrift store bargains).

Last weekend I picked up this newest addition for my collection along with a handful of other magazines circa 1929. The magazines weren’t hardbound, however, and the pages are a little worse for wear – have tucked them away for the time being.

Just started flipping through the Sunset pages and love all of the Victory Garden tricks and tips, war bond advertisements, and frugal living advice. Will get to those soon.

In the meantime, here’s a list of Ideas for Lunch with a Punch, compliments of Tea Garden Jelly & Preserves.

From my kitchen to yours!

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5 thoughts on “Lunch with a Punch 1943

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      1. I have an old recipe book which calls for lemon juice to be add to peanut butter. Got to get in that Vit. C. Go figure!!

        WHAT??!! No chicken salad slam-which?

        Where is the pimento-cheese? 😉

        Am I right? (giggle)


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