Household Hints ~1942

WWII Kitchen Hacks

Happy Friday!

Here are four quick-tips for the kitchen: soaking dried fruit, sifting sugar, using candied citrus peels, and storing cookie dough.

Challenge: Give use your quick tip for the kitchen in the comments below!

My addition: I always make a quick gravy out of pan-fried meats by adding water, salt, herbs, and a tablespoon of butter to the drippings in the pan. If I’m going to use it for that meal, I thicken with (gluten free) cornstarch. If not, I freeze the gravy and add the cornstarch when I use it. Who needs store-bought gravy? Yum!

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10 thoughts on “Household Hints ~1942

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  1. I so enjoy reading these older tips! for me, keeping my sink as clean as possible so I am not discouraged when I need to prepare food. 🙂 have a blessed day.


  2. Can you use arrow root or is that not gluten free?

    Had a gluten free brownie yesterday with ice cream, but unfortunately I did not care for it.
    I wanted to give it a chance and say I tried it. 🙂

    Perhaps you can help me here, what is that back taste of a gluten free food?

    Kitchen Hack #12
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    1. Yes, arrow root is fine – Your brownies probably had sorghum flour, it leaves a somewhat bitter aftertaste. Not all GF flours use sorghum, and I try to avoid it for that very reason – not a great flavor with your pastries.

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  3. One of my favorite tips: Shrimps peel and devein much easier if you wear latex or plastic gloves to grip the shells, and use scissors rather than a knife to cut open the back to devein. Plus, your fingers don’t end up smelling like shrimp!

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      1. An Italian friend of mine. She hates to touch anything raw and started using the gloves for that reason. The second she peeled her first shrimp, she knew it was the only way to go. I tried it and it saves tons of time. The scissors is simply how my mother did it, so when you combine the two, shrimp peeling is really fast!

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