May Menu ~1808

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Welcome May!

Here’s is a seasonal menu from 1808. What I like about this particular publication, is that the dishes are arranged as you would find them on the table for service. It gives the home cook a visual image of how the dishes are to be presented. Notice, for example, the flowers in the center of the table for the Third Course.

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First Course: Giblet Soup, Mullets Broild, Turbot, Spring Soup

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Second Course: Chickens, Compotte of Pidgeons (?), Potatoes Each Way, Haunch of Mutton, Vegetable Puffs, Ham Glaiz’d, Beef Tails

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Third Course: Green Goose Roast, Goosberry Tart, Artichoack Bottoms, White Blancmange, Turkey Plouts, Jelly wth. Strawberrys, Asparagus, Pine Apple Tartlets

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Source: Art of Cookery, John Mollard. 1808.

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