Random Updates.

Blog & Life Updates.

Happy Sunday!

To all my loyal readers – and even those of you who are more of the itinerant sort (that’s OKAY, I love you, too!) – this past week has been full of life! Work travel, time zone changes, catching up with family … Convivial Supper has been aptly placed on the back-burner.

The Girl took the SAT this past week. Wow!? How did she grow up so fast?

The Boy got into AP/Honors classes for his Freshman year. Hard to believe given that he can’t ever seem to remember where he left his shoes. Of course, it’s a proud parenting moment, but really it is all his doing. He seems to enjoy learning for learning’s sake and that will serve him well in life.

Kitchen Updates.

I re-discovered that my family enjoys boiled cabbage, something that happens every year around St. Patrick’s Day. They even go for leftover reheated boiled cabbage… Why don’t I make it more often? Super simple. Super cheap. This is the time of year to get those heads of cabbage for $.99!

This weekend I’ve made a large batch of chowder to freeze for dinners. Will also be roasting a chicken this afternoon to use throughout the week.

March is winding down and yet…

The farmers market still doesn’t have much beyond kale and carrots, so I was thrilled to get spinach, mandarins, apples, and lettuce (okay, and kale) in our produce box on Friday. I also got some local honey, which left me reflecting that I rarely see recipes using honey in antique cookbooks.

Am I wrong?

Here’s a delightful sketch c. 1890 that I came across that sums up my goal for today:

Thomas Fogarty, Fat cook stirring pot 1890
Making Soup, Thomas Fogarty, 1890.

What are you all up to? Hopefully something fun!

Happy Sunday!

More Fun Discoveries from Antique Cookbooks


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