Coffee Monday ~1923

Maxwell House Coffee.

“Each of the crew of 42 men has been picked for the honor of sailing the “Shenandoah.” Tested by a hundred adventures, proven by a thousand feats of daring-masters of the limitless element through which they move. To be numbered among them is a mark of highest merit. To Maxwell House Coffee has come the honor of being a trusted member of the crew.”


The Shenandoah was the first rigid airship built by the U.S., made out of aluminum. It had a range of 5,000 miles and was designed for reconnaissance. It flew across the continent! The Shenandoah used helium instead of hydrogen, making it much safer than other ships.

In 1925, the Shenandoah got caught in poor weather and crashed in Ohio. Within hours, curious visitors had swarmed the ship and started looting anything that could be carried away.

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Source: The Sunday Star, Oct. 28, 1923.

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  1. The site of the Shenandoah crash is marked in S E Ohio on interstate 77 . If you’re going north it’s on the west side. Drive too fast and you could miss it .

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    1. I really wish I had known about it when I lived in that neck of the woods. We have a crash site about an hour away, sitting on the bottom of the ocean. Every once in awhile you see the Goodyear Blimp fly by and wonder ‘what if they had been safe?’ Would we all be flying in blimps instead of airplanes? Thanks for stopping by!

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