Coo-Coo Clams

From Coo-Coo Cove.

Coo-coo Clams from Coo-Coo Cove are one of the great delicacies of the clean, clear waters of the Pacific – they have a very distinct flavor of mellow tang, that once enjoyed is never forgotten.

This product leaflet comes in the unique – and highly appropriate – shape of a clam shell. Who wouldn’t want to own a copy? What fun!

As for the name, well… I’m thinking cooing doves was their goal?

Alas, no results for Coo-Coo Cove on Google Maps. An advertising sleight of hand, perhaps.

Coo-Coo-Clams-from Coo Coo Cove

Coo-Coo Clams come from Bernstein’s Fish Grotto, a famous restaurant in downtown San Francisco, famous for its funk architecture that included a ship bow coming out the front door. Talk about your marketing!

Coo-coo-clams-Fish-GrottoBersteins fish grotto

Bernstein’s Fish Grotto in San Francisco

This particular leaflet is full of useful information to sell clams. First, we have the many different ways to serve clams…


Next we get an overview of the health benefits of clams –

Recent tendencies on the part of the public to consider health-giving and body-building qualities in their food prompts the foregoing statements which come to us from Certified Chemical laboratories.


How about this comparison of iodine content in Coo-Coo Clams to various other random foods? Bran, prunes, loganberries??


Still not convinced or unsure as to what the chart means above? Here’s the scientific proof you need! Coo-Coo-Clams-Health_Benefits

Finally, we have a all of the basic clam recipes for the home-cook. Go out for dinner at the grotto, get your clams at the counter, and bring them home for another delicious seafood meal! Clam chowder, fried clams, steamed clams, clam fritters, and more.


If you enjoyed this small brochure, be sure to check out the Pet Milk leaflet.

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