The Mechanic on Coffee ~1923

Coffee Monday

Mechanic-drinks-coffee-trade publicity advertisement

Happy Monday!

We used to bring Coffee to work in a thermos bottle. That’s a great idea. Now the boss serves it right here in the plant. That’s better yet. Maybe those fellows across the street aren’t envious when they see us line up for our cup of Coffee. They’ve asked their superintendent to do the same thing.

Six Rules for Making Better Coffee:

  1. Keep your Coffee fresh
  2. Measure carefully
  3. Use grounds only once
  4. Boil the water
  5. Serve at once
  6. Scour the Coffee-pot

Source: The Evening Star, Nov. 9, 1923.

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  1. Definitely that was a great idea bringing coffee to work in a thermos bottle. Hey, I swam deep into your interesting and useful article. The six rules you picked up here are very effective and follow-worth to the coffee lovers.

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