Milk to Drink

Pet Milk Leaflet

Product leaflets were a common way to promote a consumer product. They highlighted the many benefits of the product, included several recipes, and promoted locations where the product could be purchased.

Below we have a wonderful product leaflet for Pet Milk, a canned evaporated milk brand that’s still around today! (that’s an affiliate link) The leaflet opens up into several separate panels that include different kinds of information.


Here’s the full inside spread.

Pet Milk Leaflet Inside

Each panel offers unique information. This first panel has serving suggestions, “for some ways to give your family the milk it needs.”

Pet Milk Serving Suggestions

Next we read about the progress made with canned milk, a safer cleaner product than fresh milk, and how it offers ‘Something New’. Fun to read about milk and orange juice, I guess that combination just didn’t catch on.

Pet Milk Benefits

Finally we get to the recipes. Custard, souffle, and pudding – all recipes where I can see canned milk being useful today.

Pet milk Recipes

Finally, the back of the leaflet has some catchy information and is designed to appeal to a mother with small children. Love the little spoon with the curled handle!

Pet Milk Leaflet Back Image

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