Soup a la Julienne ~1875

Victorian Era Vegetable Soup Recipe.

Soup! Wonderful, nourishing soup!

This week we celebrate National Soup Day (February 4). But it’s February. And it’s soup. So I’m posting a soup recipe for each day of the week!

Source: In the Kitchen, 1875.

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2 thoughts on “Soup a la Julienne ~1875

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  1. That’s a lot of julienning to do! I bet it is much more attractive than my chopping things up in uneven pieces. I bet this would taste good if one had a cold.

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    1. That’s what the passel of children are for – or the scullery maid. Manual labor is so passé. I never think of adding turnips to anything, but I see them all of the time in recipes. I need to make a mental note about that …


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