February Menu ~1884

February Menu 1884.

Welcome February!

Still waiting for the farmers market to usher in spring vegetables. And waiting… My favorite vendor said that the farm won’t have new produce crops until mid-March. Alas, we make do with dandelion greens for salads, parsley, and the ever optimistic seasonal citrus. At some point, I’m going to cover the many uses of lemons.

Of course, I count my blessings daily for living in temperate climes and missing the winter cold fronts from this past week.

If you live where there is winter, know that I was thinking of you!

This month’s menu comes from the Franco-American Cookery Book; Or, how to live well and eat wisely every day of the year. I love this particular cookbook because every day of the year has a menu (a.k.a. bill of fare) along with the recipes for said menu immediately following. You can see how the menus shift with the season. For example, today’s menu features turnips, salmon, veal, potatoes, string beans, coleslaw (a.k.a., Coldslaw), and apple cake.

Not sure where they would have gotten the string beans in the middle of winter, but the rest sounds delicious! They could be pickled green beans.

What seasonal dishes are you making?

February 1880s bill of fare

February 1880s menu and recipes

february 1884 menu and recipes for coldslaw and apple cake

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7 thoughts on “February Menu ~1884

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  1. Here in Vermont, we are firmly in the world of Winter CSA which means root veg (turnip, beets, carrots, parsnips, daikon, potatoes, onions, rutabaga) and fresh greenhouse greens (arugula, kale, chard, spinach, mixed greens). Soups, curries, stews. No native dandelion greens here for two months!

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    1. I’m really surprised that we don’t get any of the root vegetables here. No carrots, onions, potatoes or beets. I wonder if it’s because it’s just not as profitable as the other veggies that can be grown during the regular season and so they don’t plant them?

      I hear you on the soups, chillies, and stews! Our family is sharing a cold at the moment. Lots of soup action. STAY WARM!


    1. THANK YOU! I just made 2 gallons to put away in my new freezer. Already found uses for multiple quarts. My current go-to method is putting my chicken bones in the slow cooker overnight with salt and water and then straining when I wake up in the morning. The house smells wonderful!

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