Household Tips ~1923

Advice on Brooms, Bread, and Cake Molds.

Eclectic list of household advice from The Neighbor:


  • Keep salt and pepper shaker on the kitchen range. It is handy when seasoning food. (Mine are on top of the microwave).
  • Encircle all new brooms with a section of stocking leg, it will wear longer.
  • A few drops of lavender sprinkled on the shelves of a bookcase that is damp will help prevent the from becoming moldy. Leather bindings that have become moldy should be rubbed with a cloth slightly moistened with ammonia.
  • Never soak rice or macaroni before cooking them. Well wash the former, but not the latter, and place both in boiling water to cook.
  • You can make delicious bread in the ice cream freezer. It is as good as the new mixers (I thought this particularly brilliant).
  • To remove hot cake or pudding from a tin or mold you should turn upside down and cover with a cloth wrung out of cold water. The contents will slip out in a minute or two. To remove anything cold or frozen reverse the process and wring the cloth out in hot water.
  • Indelible ink stains may be removed by soaking the spot in very strong ammonia and water. This process may have to be repeated several times, but in the end the ink will come out.

Source: The Evening Star, Sept. 1923.

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