Kitchen Design ~1827

1800s Kitchens.

For your leisurely Sunday consumption, I offer you these remarks on the Victorian kitchen:

It is an undisputed fact, that no person can work without tools; and in proportion to the completeness and fitness of the tools furnished, labour is facilitated, and a more perfect performance may be expected. These remarks apply, in no small degree, to the humble but necessary arts of the kitchen.

A good and well-furnished kitchen, varies in its scale of requirements, according to the size and style of living of the family. Even the very humblest classes of society may, and ought to possess a decent ambition, to see themselves surrounded with comforts and convenience suited to their circumstances, the circle of which they will strive hard to extend by industry and frugality. 

To begin with, a cottage of the humblest class, above the hovel of absolute poverty and wretchedness, a kitchen should be light, lofty, and airy – the doors should be so placed as to avoid a draught of air approaching the fire-place.


Source: The New London Cookery, 1827.

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