5 Companies Over 100

Brands Still Around Today.

Question: If you were to invest in one company and had to keep your money invested in that company for the next 50 years, what company would you pick?

That is essentially the question that I stumbled across on Reddit the other day, which got me thinking about consumer product companies that have been on grocers’ shelves for the past 100+ years. These are the survivors of trends, fads, world wars, and modernization, having changed little since brought to market.

Here’s my list:

1. Heinz. Founded by Henry John Heinz in 1869.

2. Melitta Coffee Filter Products. Invented in 1908, this company has survived 2 devastating World Wars. My hunch is that they will manage whatever comes at them. Lovely historical timeline here.

3. Clabber Girl Baking Powder, the Clabber Company. This home staple has been around since 1899. The girl on the front has changed little over the years. The last time she got an update was in 1940 – notice the highlights in her lovely coiffed hair?

4. Coca-Cola. Yup. Hard to leave that one out. Invented in 1866, the ad below is from 1887.

5. Washburn-Crosby Company, today known as General Mills. Established in 1877 and still going strong. Specifically, their Gold Medal Flour product.

What other historical brands grace your pantry shelves? Do share!

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9 thoughts on “5 Companies Over 100

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  1. What an interesting question!
    Ketchup and cola are both excellent calls. I don’t know the other brands, but I guess they are less available in Europe!?

    I find it really interesting how almost all the brands we recognize are owned by other brands, until you see they are all owned by a handful of massive organisations.

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      1. We do, but so many of them have been bought out recently!

        Things like Cadburys, that were bought by Kraft, who then added palm oil and made it taste so much worse. 😦

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      2. Yeah, they used to be a quaker company (so were pretty ethical) they didn’t want to be bought by Kraft…it was really sad when they were bought out. 😦

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  2. I love apple brandy and hard cider. Laird and Co go back to 1698. My company turns 100 in a couple of years and they’re already planning different events.

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