How to Drink Milk ~1897

1890s Directions for Drinking Milk.


Happy National Milk Day!

Do not swallow milk fast and in such big gulps. Sip it slowly. Take four minutes at least to finish a glassful, and do not take more than a good teaspoonful at one sip.

When milk goes into your stomach it is instantly curdled. If you drink a large quantity at once it is curdled into one big mass, on the outside of which only the juice of the stomach can work. If you drink it in  little sips each little sip is curdled up by itself and the whole glassful finally finds itself in a loose lump, made up of little lumps, through, around and among which the stomach’s juices may percolate and dissolve the whole speedily and simultaneously.

And now you know!

Source: The evening world., August 04, 1892

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