Treating Frozen Limbs ~1820

The Successful Treatment of Frozen Limbs in Russia Early 1800s.

Today’s excerpt comes from The Husbandman and Housewife. The book is exhaustive in terms of breadth and the contents are arranged alphabetically instead of by category. This results in Dressing Fowls immediately preceding Frostbitten Feet. However, after spending time exploring the contents, I have never been so thankful to live in the 21st century – the first aid remedies sprinkled throughout hint to the reader the many, many ailments faced by our Husbandman and Housewife.

Epileptic Electuary
Fever – Bilious
Fever – Yellow
and… Frostbite!


Source: The husbandman and housewife: a collection of valuable recipes and directions, relating to agriculture and domestic economy, 1820.

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  1. I’m guessing the goose grease served to trap heat in the skin to allow the ice crystals to melt. It’s the same reason you ”never put goo on a burn.” It seems counterintuitive but yes, thawing frozen digits is done in cold water as even tepid water would be very painful. There’s a neat story in one of James Herriot’s books about a farm hand who used goose grease to continually milk his cow all night to save her from mastitis.


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