Housekeeping Accounts ~1872

Tips for Household Management in the 1870s.

When we think about managing our household budgets to maximize our savings (economy) today, what comes to mind? Certainly buying in bulk, perhaps with coupons or from club stores. Perhaps price checking at the store or even between stores in the weekly circulars that get mailed out. The advice given below is an echo from the past of some of these same practices today. Other tips listed no longer apply thanks to labeling laws and digital weights and measures.

Half-way through, we find a small comment about it not being economical to lay down pickles for smaller families, it being cheaper to simply buy the product. When, I wonder, did we make the shift from the majority of our foods being home-made to being ready made? (My guess is the ’50s.)

What are some foods/dishes that you make at home because it’s better economically for you rather than purchasing the same foods/dishes that are ready-made from the store?

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Source: The new cyclopædia of domestic economy, and practical housekeeper. … Ellet, E. F. (Elizabeth Fries), 1818-1877.

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